The search for The

Rare Plumador

A big search for a small business.

What's a

Rare Plumador?

The Rare Plumador is a business entity that Megan made in preparation for buying her very first small business.

Who is


Megan is not a family office, private equity firm, or venture capitalist.She's a first-generation college grad from West Virginia. She built a specialized professional services business in her 30s.Megan loves enabling and empowering specialists to do their best work.She does that by taking care of all the business management. So the staff have a better experience. And in turn, the clients have a better experience.Megan's current goal is to help a small team of accounting specialists focus on the work they love.



Megan wants to enable a team that's been providing excellent essential services to continue doing great work in their community.She aims to carry on the legacy and reputation of the owner who has built it all by letting their business continue providing the services their clients trust.And to allow the owner to retire -- or simply focus on what they love -- without feeling like they might be putting their team and clients in a bad spot.---Megan gets specialists. She's been working with them for decades.Every specialist in her current business spends more than 94% of their time doing what they do best.---Accountants, CPAs, and EAs have a tough job with no room for error. They should be able to do what they love without distractions.Enabling and empowering the team to focus on their expertise is the best way to take great care of clients.Its not about increasing profits with technology, marketing, social media, automation, sales, blah blah blah. Its about being a humble leader who serves the folks doing the work.

What does accounting have to do with a

Rare Plumador?

My most beloved childhood book was The Search for the Rare Plumador.It's the story of a tenacious woman professional who, through patience and perserverance, discovers The Rare Plumador.Like her, I'm looking for something special. Just the right business, with just the right team. I'm working hard to find it, and I'm willing to wait for the right opportunity.

Do you have

A clue?

I'd appreciate your help.Do you know a team of specialists who could use more focus?I'd like to hear from you.